IDM - Südtirol Alto Adige

BLS considers itself a mediator between the Italian- and German-language film and television industries. Both its geographical location, and the bilingualism of the residents of South Tyrol helps to build intercultural bridges between the two countries.

BLS facilitates and supports interregional and international cooperation within film productions. They offer the competences and knowledge of the Italian- and German speaking markets that their contacts are in need of.

BLS FILM FUND is the central contact in all areas of film funding in the northernmost Italian province. Since 2010, they have administered the funds made available by the state of South Tyrol for economically oriented film funding.

BLS supports film and television projects of all genres in the form of grants. BLS furthermore has particular focus on co-productions between the Italian and German-speaking markets. It it possible for productions to receive both developmental- and production support. BLS supports documentaries, television films and series, and theatrical features.

Support is granted independently of the location of the production company submitting the application. BLS evaluates the submitted funding applications solely on cultural and economic criteria. BLS takes into special consideration planned investments in South Tyrol which contributes to the strengthening and further development of the region as a media location.

For production funding, BLS calculates an economic territorial effect of 150% in reference to the corresponding funding amount. Exceptions are made for projects with a strong reference to South Tyrol. BLS has a goal of supporting around 20 projects per year.

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Cine-Regio representative Mrs. Christiana Wertz

Christiana Wertz is Head of Film Fund & Commission BLS Südtirol-Alto Adige. She was born in Cologne in 1978  to an Italian mother and a German father. After completing her studies she worked on the “Berlin&Beyond” Film Festival in San Francisco, for German Films Service + Marketing GmbH, and later in different capacities with FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (Bavaria’s Film and TV Fund). Today Ms. Wertz is the Head of  the Film Fund & Commission, making her the contact person for funding questions.



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