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The Hessen Film Fund (HFF) is made up of the Cultural Film Fund of the State of Hessen (HFF-Land) and the Hessischer Rundfunk Film Fund (HFF-hr).

The HFF is developing its profile in the tension zone between film as a commodity and film as a cultural good. With a basic budget of 2.1 million euros, the HFF awards grants to films of all genres, lengths and formats. The HFF supports not only the production, but also the economic exploitation of films – everything from screenplay to production to distribution. It also awards scholarships for further training, supports film festivals in Hessen and co-finances film series and innovative cinema projects.

As a cultural film fund, the HFF supports courageous film-makers and cinema operators who are prepared to take new approaches with content and form. The HFF sees itself as a communication centre and generator of ideas for Hessen as a media location and supports projects from development to completion. This also includes the services of Film Commission Hessen, a facility of the HFF. Film Commission Hessen advises film productions in the region and networks the film industry within Hessen.

The HFF organizes workshops and seminars in Frankfurt and Freiburg twice a year jointly with cooperation partners: DrehbuchCamp (Screenplay Camp) is an exceptional training opportunity for writers and film-makers.

The HFF is co-organizer of the Hessen Film and Cinema Prize, which honours outstanding directors, screenwriters, actors and movie theatres. It also provides grants to support all the stages involved in film production and distribution all the way from the screenwriter to the silver screen.
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